Friday, August 31, 2007

It's all happening perfectly

Lately I've had a distinctly growing feeling that all's right with the world. Incredible, huh? There's war, killings and robbings, disease, and global warming--all the bad stuff going on under our noses. The news seems to get worse every day. I usually watch PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer. At the end of the nightly newscast, he posts photos of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. It has become a solemn time at our house to watch as these faces flash before us. Two nights ago there were 26 faces.

Yes, the news gets worse, and some may think I am a Pollyanna for feeling better and better every day about "things" and my place among them. It's fun to encounter others who are on this road with me. Today I chanced upon a piece by Susan Jeffers on BeliefNet entitled "Nine Ways to Find Peace of Mind" and was delighted to see way number 7: Embrace the Thought "It's all Happening Perfectly." Another way I have heard this same concept expressed is "Everything you need is flowing toward you."

May your Labor Day weekend find you in peace!

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silverwings said...

yes law babe i can relate - we no longer face political problems - they are all social.

the problems we face will have to be met by the people and not by politics.

i to have tired of getting upset when watching the news or getting mad at people that don't get it.

but what has taken its place is this complete boredom with people that are anti social and or rude - because that is the real problem.

we are part of everything and to deny that just makes change take longer.

so my recipe is to find and value those that have value and they are there.